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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hannaford Super Markets Christmas Gift Acknowledged

Hannaford Super Markets Christmas Gift Acknowledged

23 Needy Area Families Will Enjoy Christmas Dinner!

By Dell Hill

A local “feel good” story, if you will.

Compared to places like Keller, Texas, there isn’t one single city in Vermont that can compare with all that’s available.  That’s not a knock on Vermont; it just so happens that the metropolitan areas of Texas seem to have a Wal-Mart on every corner and several shopping malls per city, whereas it’s an hour’s drive for me to get to the nearest “Wally World”.  Vermont doesn’t have the wide variety of grocery store chains, either.  But we do have a couple, and this post is about one of them.

A Dell’s Bottom Line Blog tip of the old fedora to....

Each year one of our local churches receives a list of needy families and goes about putting together the fixings for a complete Christmas dinner for each of those families.  This year, 23 families were included on that list.  These are people who are truly poor and very much down on their luck, as determined by an independent aid agency.  And there’s never a question asked about what religion they might follow...if, in fact, they follow any.  They could be atheist; it just doesn’t matter to the local church.

I’m sure you all know (especially those responsible for food shopping) that the cost of putting together a complete Christmas dinner - turkey and all the fixings - isn’t cheap.  That’s why this year’s incredibly wonderful gift from Hannaford Super Markets bears our thanks and acknowledgement.

As usual, the church sent out letters to the big grocery stores requesting donations for this project, and they’re certainly never expected to provide all of the food; if they can offer a discount to help share in the expense, that’s always a welcome reply.  That’s what they’ve done in years past and - it was hoped - what they’d do again this year.

Imagine the surprise this year when Hannafords notified the church that they would donate every single item for all 23 families at no cost what-so-ever!

An outstanding, thoughtful and heartwarming gesture by a big company during extremely difficult financial times for us all.

Thank You, Hannafords, Very, Very Much!

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