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Friday, December 23, 2011

‘Impossible’ Hockey Shot Wins Lady New Ford Pickup

‘Impossible’ Hockey Shot Wins Lady New Ford Pickup

And We Have The Video To Prove It

By Dell Hill

I think we all need a little “feel good” story today.  I think the whole world has heard about this lady and her incredible ice hockey shot that won her a new pickup truck, but I’m going to post it anyway, on the off chance someone hasn’t seen it.  Here’s the video, compliments of The Blaze:

And now the description, along with some heartwarming background:

“Hi folks, this is Scott Coupal, General Manager here at Frenchie’s Ford Inc.  I gotta tell you I’ve seen some cool things in my life, but friday night took the grand prize, Mrs. Brenda Hewlett 59 years old won a chance to be one of 5 people to shoot the puck to win a brand new 2011 Ford F150 4×4, Brenda had been in the dealership on Friday morning to get some service work done to her old truck, & had said “God, I wish I could afford a new truck mine is falling apart” Joe Jock my service manager said “here fill out this ballot & win one” both started laughing.

It’s a one in a Gazzilion shot from 114 feet away, the opening is almost the exact size of a regulation size hockey puck.  Mrs. Hewlett has never even held a hockey stick in her entire life let alone ever shot a puck.  The finalists were all on the ice after I drove the new truck onto the ice, I had friends in the back of the truck throwing frisbee’s into the crowd.  After a lap around the arena, I gathered the contestants at the far blue line, I yelled out ladies first , Mrs. Hewlett said “Oh God I don‘t wanna be first I’m going to look foolish”.  She put a helmet on grabbed the stick I walked up next to her & said “Let It Go & Believe”.

Brenda Hewlett Ready To Perform ‘Christmas Miracle’

Well the whole arena must have believed & the Christmas angels were upon her.  She pulled back the puck in akward [sic] stance Mrs Hewlett is only about 5′3 (the stick was way too big) and she let it fly, I myself & the crowd didn’t even think there was enough steam on the puck to even make it to the target, after it passed the second blue line .. I yelled out .. OH ..OH .. the crowd started going absolutely CRAZY .. the puck then decided to get some wheels, feet, legs whatever you wanna call it & went straight into the hole with speed I might add.  Needless to say the arena EXPLODED !!

People were slamming the glass, people in the lobby were charging out the doors & beating on the glass in the concession area .. all the Warrior hockey players rushed the ice from the locker room .. I have been on crutches for about a week & had one in my arm, when the puck went in I threw my arms up & screamed so loud with such enthusiasm the crutch slipped from my hand & launched about 40 feet in the air, (thank goodness I didn’t hurt anyone LOL) I looked over at Brenda with tears in both of our eyes from pure joy jumping & screaming, I looked over at the truck on the ice with my friends Marney Tarbell, Lisa Ellis, Monica Paige & other women associated with the team who helped throw the frisbees & T shirts into the crowd.

The truck was just bouncing.. It was complete PANDEMONIUM !!! I am so happy for Mrs. Hewlett & The Akwesane Warriors & my staff for putting this together.  Like I’ve always said Angels are upon us & miracles do happen.  It couldn’t have happened to a nicer hard working woman than Mrs. Hewlett.

I witnessed a Christmas Miracle On Ice last night, a night I will NEVER forget & will be able to tell this wonderful story to so many.

To top the night off the Warriors came back from a deficit in the 3rd period & won the game.  As Jim McKay said at the 1980 Olympic Hockey game when the U.S. beat the Russian’s .. “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES ?? … YES !!!!”

Dell’s Bottom Line:  As a Vermonter, I’ve played many an hour of ice hockey and have taken thousands of shots on net.  I can testify that it’s quite easy to miss an entire open net from that distance, say nothing of missing such a tiny target.  As any experienced player will tell you, you could try that shot a thousand times and not make it once!

A “Christmas Miracle”??

You Gotta’ BELIEVE!

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