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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Liberals Ignoring 2010 Message From The People

Liberals Ignoring 2010 Message From The People

They Need To Hear It Louder In 2012

By Dell Hill

With each passing day it becomes even more clear that the President - along with his party faithful in the House and Senate - learned absolutely nothing from the 2010 elections.  In fact, they’ve tried their very best to negate the will of the people’s vote in 2010 to the point of trying hard to give the President dictatorial style powers, thus offsetting record breaking Republican Conservative gains in both the House and Senate.

Sometimes, the ignorance of the US Constitution is just mind boggling.  Take for example, today’s declaration by Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tx).

Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tx)

From The Hill:

“Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said Tuesday that President Obama “absolutely” should use his executive power to continue the unemployment benefits and payroll tax cut extension and said she hoped to discuss the option with the White House later in the day.

“It is extraordinary, don’t get me wrong.  But I’m feeling the pain of the constituents I left [at] home,” Jackson Lee said, speaking on the progressive Ed Schultz’s radio show.  “I consider this a crisis.  I consider leaving Americans without unemployment insurance for January and February a crime.  I consider not extending the payroll tax cut … a crime.”

There’s just one slight problem with that statement; the President doesn’t have that authority and most high school kids know that.  Obviously, Ed Schultz doesn’t know it, either, because he never mentioned the fact that what she was suggesting simply can’t be done.  That’s not terribly surprising because Schultz isn’t any smarter than Lee.

The major point, however, is the constant clamoring from the Democrats to encourage the President to “use your power” to get your way, just as Ms. Jackson Lee did today.  That’s totally contrary to what the people made extremely clear in 2010.  And the President has already used power that many believe would be declared unconstitutional, should it be challenged in federal court.

All they’re really doing is stoking the flames of the TEA Party Conservatives to not only react in 2012, but to react with an overwhelming political strength that makes 2010’s results look meager, by comparison.  Perhaps they need reminding that the Democrats lost in a major landslide; not only losing control of the House of Representatives, but losing by an astonishing number.  Republicans also made major gains in the Senate.

Glaring, idiotic statements (just one of many) like today’s will only provide incentive to Conservatives to send representatives like Ms. Jackson Lee to the back far back they’ll need a “mic check” to know what’s going on.

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