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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Breast Implant Experts Issue Warning

Breast Implant Experts Issue Warning

Fake Boobs Can Be ‘Deadly’

By Dell Hill

Presented as a public service of Dell’s Bottom Line Blog, in concert with The Other McCain - That would be Robert Stacy McCain, to whom all complaints should be forwarded.

The Deadly Menace of Fake Boobs

Some critics have dismissed my oft-stated preference for natural breasts as mere ignorant bigotry against artficial enhancement, but now at last I’ve been vindicated by science:

Thousands of women ‘should’
have breast implants removed

Around 45,000 British women are known to have had Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) implants, which have since been found to have contained industrial silicone and have not passed medical regulations.

Authorities in France are expected to call in all women there who have been given PIP implants in order to have them removed and replaced.

British experts said that women here should consider having them removed for ‘peace of mind’ as they have a high risk of leaking.

Investigations have been conducted after some suspicious cases of cancer were found in women with the implants . . .

Thanks to Dan Collins for the e-mail tip.  There should be no need to remind readers that Dr. Collins and I are co-founders of The Collins-McCain Institute for Therapeutic Breast Staring, and are available to assist or advise America’s women in all matters breast-related.
We’re Here for You.  Because We Care.™

Reposted by Dell’s Bottom Line in the interest of better women’s health world-wide.

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