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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dell To Burn The Midnight Oil Absorbing Iowa Caucus Results

I plan on burning the midnight oil tonight, digesting and trying to make sense out of the convoluted Iowa caucus results.  I say convoluted because there are several factors at play here...not the least of which is the total number of candidates.  

In just a few weeks, several of those candidates will be former candidates - having been turned out by the voters in the early primary & caucus states and their supporters will be looking elsewhere for another candidate to adopt.  However, I fully expect at least four strong candidates to eventually emerge and move on to the Republican National Convention.  Which four is now the question.  And that question won't be answered tonight.  In fact, I doubt it will be answered until after Super Tuesday's voting and caucuses.

There are several good online media outlets to follow the action.  Fox News has a good looking setup and you can watch their coverage by clicking right here.

This blog's pace of political coverage will start to pick up now that the actual citizen participation has kicked in.  I hope you'll follow along regularly throughout Campaign '12.


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