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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Palin Suggests Bachmann (and others) Pack It In

Palin Suggests Bachmann (and others) Pack It In

“..I don’t think it is her time..” - Sarah Palin’s Opinion on Michele Bachmann’s Presidential Campaign

By Dell Hill

My opinion ranks far down the list compared to that of former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, and Mrs. Palin had these frank words for the candidates involved in the Republican nomination process, especially Michele Bachmann.

Dell’s Bottom Line:  At some point...and is going to become a major factor for the herd of candidates still in the race.  And without strong numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire, it will be next to impossible to head for South Carlina with anything more than a prayer of winning.

Tomorrow - when the Iowa results are all in - the big political money will be moving to the top tier candidates.  We’ll see who decides to take the financial chance and who doesn’t.

It would not be a big surprise to see Bachmann and Rick Perry leave the race after New Hampshire.  Why Huntsman is even listed as a candidate is beyond me.  His situation is totally hopeless.

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