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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oklahoma Mom Exercises Her Rights - Armed Intruder Dead

Oklahoma Mom Exercises Her Rights - Armed Intruder Dead

By Dell Hill

It’s an almost unthinkable situation.  You’re the only adult present and you have an infant - in this case your own child - to care for.  Your doors are all locked, but forcing open a locked door isn’t difficult.  You hear what sounds like someone trying to get into your home and you get a glimpse of at least one person you recognize as a recent stalker.

At this point, your heart is racing.  Fear instantly grips your entire being.  You’re afraid for yourself, but even more afraid for the safety of your child.  From this point on, what you do - or do not do - will be forever recorded in memory.  It will define who you are and what values you’ve been taught.  

For 18 year old Sarah McKinley of Oklahoma - who lost her husband to cancer on Christmas day - that scenario played itself out this week.  She, and her infant son, are alive and well.  The intruder, whom police report was brandishing a foot-long hunting knife, is dead.  

Sarah McKinley tells her story.

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When faced with being attacked and in fear for her child’s safety, as well, this young mother defended herself, her baby and her property against an armed assailant who’s intent was clearly untoward.  As soon as he broke in wielding a long knife, he had committed a felony.  He’ll never commit another.

As for his buddy, let us hope that this experience will cause him an immediate change of attitude toward the rights of those around him.  Being an accomplice to this act should net him at least five years of time in a penitentiary.  But the greater lesson should have been learned the moment Mrs. McKinley shot his pal dead.

The Right to keep and bear arms is settled Constitutional law.  The Right to self defense is settled law.  It’s sad that one person had to die, but it’s far more important to consider that two other people - a young mother and her baby - are alive. 

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