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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Real News Is Still On Vacation

Real News Is Still On Vacation

"Campaign '12" Starting To Take Shape

By Dell Hill

Congratulations go out to the visitor from San Diego, California who recorded the 25,000 page view just before midnight Friday night!  The overall blog numbers have fallen off sharply, and I fully expected that to happen.  It happens to every web site during holiday periods.  The difference here is I refuse to "make up stuff" to make it look busy...or start posting pictures of scantily clad women to attract blog hits.

Real news continues to be taking a Christmas/New Years vacation.  About the only things going on right now are the cut and dried political debates - which are really boring (I haven't watched one yet and I don't plan on it).  That's where the candidates take turns giving memorized answers to questions and try their best to make the whole show a commercial for their candidacy.  I'm just not into that.  I have some questions I'd like to ask each of them, but for some strange reason I wasn't invited to join the panel.

Even the Facebook crowd has taken to posting month old "news" links, along with the usual and customary hoax and misinformation stuff that doesn't trip my trigger either.

Not to worry; things will pick up and we'll have some red meat news to pass along soon.  In the meantime, enjoy the final bowl games and get ready for "Campaign '12".  I've taken advantage of the slow period to research and write on the almost totally neglected US Senate races that could turn out to be just as critical to our future as the presidential battle.  Look for those pieces in the not too distant future.


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