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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Vermont Lt. Governor Phil Scott’s Construction Company Totally Destroyed By Fire

Vermont Lt. Governor Phil Scott’s Construction Company Totally Destroyed By Fire

"I am glad no one was hurt, an awful lot of history though. I have owned for 26, 27 years, a lot of history, a lot of records. A lot of the equipment is gone" - Lt. Governor Phil Scott

By Dell Hill

Back in the early Fall, as Vermont was digging itself out of a horrible mess created by Tropical Storm Irene, you may have seen the State’s Lieutenant Governor, Phil Scott promoting the “We Are Vermont Strong” campaign.  The popular second-in-command of state government even had the Vermont Strong logo painted on his stock cars that he drives on New England race tracks.

Lt. Gov. Phil Scott with Lyz Tomsuden and Eric Mallette, developers of the "Vermont Strong" logo.  Photo:  Courtesy of Phil Scott

Scott wasn’t directly impacted by that storm, but today he’s learning what it’s like to be Vermont Strong.  His entire construction business was destroyed by fire last Friday night.

Here’s the report from Anson Tebbetts of WCAX TV in Burlington, Vermont.

As you might expect, Phil Scott’s phone has been ringing off the hook with offers from thousands of Vermonters asking “how can we help”.

As one local official told me today, “I know a lot of people realize how hard Phil Scott worked behind the scenes to help hundreds of Vermonters in the aftermath of Irene, and now they want to return the favor.  That’s how we roll here.  Political party doesn’t matter (Scott is the lone Republican in a state government totally dominated by Democrats).  The only thing that matters is he’s lost everything related to DuBois Construction and if there’s any possible way we can help him recover, we’ll do it”.

Scott’s Chief of Staff, Nancy Driscoll, posted a ‘Thank You” on his web site today for the outpouring of public support.

“Hi everyone - this is Nancy Driscoll, Phil's chief of staff.  Phil wants to thank everyone who has posted their well wishes here and/or stopped by DuBois this morning.  It means a lot to him.  Thank you, and we will keep you posted.”
Over a quarter of a century worth of hard work went up in flames, but don’t worry about Phil.  He’s Vermont Strong!

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