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Friday, November 11, 2011

11s Are Wild In Tennessee Birth

11s Are Wild In Tennessee Birth

By Dell Hill
                                                      Nothing like having your baby born on 11-11-11....but at 11:11?   In room # 11?       
Today is a special day to honor our Veterans, but it is also a unique one since the calendar reads 11-11-11.

One East Tennessee newborn has quite the birth story.

"They said let's have a baby tomorrow and that was it," said Jennifer Raymer.

Jennifer's doctors recommended inducing labor on Friday. However, what no one planned was the time of the baby's arrival.

Baby Brody James made his debut at 11:11 on Friday morning. To top it off, he was born inside Room 11 in the maternity ward at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center.

Brody's parents said all the 11's are exciting, but that is not what is most important to them.

"It could have been today or yesterday or tomorrow and it wouldn't have mattered. It's just, we're glad he's here," said Jennifer Raymer.

"We're very excited. We've been very blessed with four children now. And the significance of this day in our eyes was more about him and his health. All the 11 stuff is great, but we were concerned about him first and foremost," explained father Jamie Raymer.

The Raymers' did jokingly suggest that Coach Derek Dooley leave the Vols No. 11 jersey available in about 18 years.”

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