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Friday, November 11, 2011

A Veteran’s Day Salute To “The Green Mountain Boys”

A Veteran’s Day Salute To “The Green Mountain Boys”

“Put The Vermonters Ahead”

By Dell Hill

A special Veteran’s Day salute to the men and women who serve this country with dedication and pride from Vermont.  They’ve always been known as “The Green Mountain Boys”; a throwback to the days of Ethan Allen and his rowdy band of Vermont defenders before Vermont became the first State to join the Union after the original thirteen.

The Green Mountain Boys even had their own flag.  Here’s one that has been recovered and on display.

A battle-flag like this accompanies every unit of the Vermont National Guard whenever they’re deployed.

This is the masthead for the Vermont National Guard web site.

And I’m sure you’ll note that very same flag in the background VNG icon on the left.

Since women have wisely been incorporated into the ranks (and my granddaughter is one of them!), there was considerable discussion about changing the name of the Vermont military contingent to something other than “Boys”, but even the ladies would have none of it.  They knew and understood the significance of Ethan Allen’s defense of their homeland and took no gender offense at the unit’s name.

Like every other Guard unit in the country, the Vermont Army and Air National Guard units have been deployed to serve in war zones right along-side their brothers and sisters in regular Army and Air Force combat roles.  They have done themselves proud time and time again, and for that reason I salute and honor them on this Veteran’s Day 2011.

The Vermont Air Guard F-16 Fighting Falcons Patroled The Skies Over Manhattan On 09/11/01  

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  1. Let's remember also Vermont in the civil war, including the pivotal role of the 2nd. VT Brigade breaking Pickett's charge at Gettysburg...

    Stannard is buried in Lakeview cemetery in Burlington. Two other Medal of Honor winners are buried in Greenmount cemetery, Burlington, the location of Ethan Allen's monument.