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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pelosi Tells ‘Pants-On-Fire’ Lie.....Again

Pelosi Tells ‘Pants-On-Fire’ Lie.....Again

Says Dems Didn’t Pass A Budget Because Republicans Would Have Filibustered It

By Dell Hill

Call it high school freshmen Civics.  Oh, I forgot...they don’t teach that any more.  Maybe they should.  Maybe that’s the reason why Nancy Pelosi told a “pants on fire” lie when asked by Jon Stewart why the Democrats didn’t pass a budget when she was Speaker of the House.

Tina Korbe, writing at Hot Air, points out....

“Good question, Mr. Stewart. Nancy Pelosi answers in typical Nancy Pelosi fashion — by saying “Republicans would have filibustered it.”

Too bad budgets can’t be filibustered. They require a simple majority in both House and Senate to pass.

What’s more: When Democrats did control both houses, they had a supermajority in the Senate. Republicans could have filibustered only with the help of Democrats. No way to pin this one on Republicans — and, yet, Pelosi still tries. Predictable.”

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  1. Nance is just following Nazi propaganda rule: the bigger the lie easier to get people to believe it. Pelosi must also consider her Union base Very Stupid- she owns multple businesses ALL NON-UNION!!