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Monday, November 7, 2011

Barre’s ‘Hope Cemetery’ - A Tourist Attraction?

Barre’s ‘Hope Cemetery’ - A Tourist Attraction?

Some Of The World’s Most Beautiful Monuments

By Dell Hill

It’s not often you hear that a cemetery is a tourist attraction.  Except for the obvious - Arlington National and many of the Civil War cemeteries - most folks don’t ever give a thought to taking the kids for a day of “fun” in a cemetery.

Just One Of Thousands...

Well, perhaps you’ve read  a reference or two to my hometown of Barre, Vermont.  The city is most-famous for the incredible Barre Granite monuments created by some of the world’s finest sculptors.  Many of those creations can be seen at Hope Cemetery, which has actually become a tourist attraction.

Rather that trying to write out a description; let’s watch this video, presented by NECN.

Several of my immediate family members - including my Mom - are buried in this beautiful cemetery.  It has been suggested there’s even a spot for me there. 

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  1. Those sculpures are really beautiful. But I just find touring cemeteries creepy. I think this is the result of me watching too many ghost films.