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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

‘Professional Blogger’ Status Achieved At Dell’s Blog!

‘Professional Blogger’ Status Achieved At Dell’s Blog!

“Bartender, Set Up The House”

By Dell Hill

To be considered a “professional” is usually regarded as a high honor.

What it really means is you get paid to do something.

Imagine my joy in learning that I have become a “professional blogger”!

Among the usual and customary bills and junk mail, yesterday’s snail-mail included the good news from Google AdSense - the company that controls the advertising at  AdSense informed me that my blog had passed all of its critical criteria and was worthy of not only continued advertising, but now the ads will be more in number and larger in size!

And in exchange for providing this advertising space on my blog?

At some time in the future - which is code for ‘whenever we get around to it’ - I’ll be receiving a paycheck from Google!

In fact, my 36+ days of blogging have earned me a whopping $5.13.  That’s five dollars and thirteen cents and it’s only that much because some of you have clicked on some of the ads.  Otherwise, my paycheck would have been for much less.

Now I know why Jane Jamison used to laugh when we discussed the earning power of  One source estimated the value of Uncoverage at $16,100.  How they reached that conclusion was never explained.

Blogging CAN be a very lucrative business opportunity.  Just a couple of years ago Michelle Malkin sold her very popular HotAir blog site to Town Hall for $2 million dollars!  However, I doubt that HotAir reached that level of value via its advertising contract with Google AdSense.  Arianna Huffington sold her Huffington Post blog to America Online for a whopping $325 million George Washingtons!  Google AdSense was not a factor in the negotiations.

So now I’ve moved up the blogoshpere ladder.  With this pay determination by AdSense, I’m now a professional blogger.  

I’ll be busy for the rest of the day figuring out how to invest this newly-found wealth!  I’ll be in conference with my financial advisers at my Fort Worth office.

PS:  No need to congratulate me in the comments.  I know some will say I’m getting exactly what I’m worth.

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