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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lame Stream Media Hammering Herman Cain

Lame Stream Media Hammering Herman Cain

Bill Clinton Got Off Scot Free By Comparison

By Dell Hill

For those who don’t believe there’s any political bias within the media, or worse yet, those who think the media is biased in favor of a Conservative/Republican slant, check out this revealing report on the serial hatchet job being done on Herman Cain.

Network Deluge: 99 Stories on Cain Harassment Charges in Less Than Nine Days
By: Scott Whitlock
Tuesday, November 08, 2011 12:04 PM EST

Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain

“In only eight and a half days, NBC, CBS and ABC have devoted a staggering 99 stories to sexual harassment charges against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. In comparison, eight days into Bill Clinton's scandal's with Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick, there were a combined eight reports.

Additionally, the three network newscasts on Monday offered scant information about the fact that Cain's accuser, Sharon Bialek, has hired the extremely liberal lawyer Gloria Allred. On NBC's Nightly News, reporter Kelly O'Donnell described Allred as a "high profile attorney." On CBS's Evening News, Jan Crawford referred to her as a "celebrity lawyer."

On ABC's World News, Brian Ross avoided discussing Allred and focused on Bialek: "It's been 14 years since the alleged incident with Cain, but Sharon Bialek seemed to have perfect recall of the details today at a New York news conference."

Ross' tone had changed on Tuesday. He clarified, "Overnight, the Cain campaign described Sharon Bialek as a person with a history of severe financial difficulties and questioned who was paying for her lawyer, Gloria Allred, who they said was a long-time contributor to Democratic Party causes."

Ross on Monday also defined the new accusations rather flippantly, calling the charges a "blond bombshell." (Bialek has blond hair.)

On Monday's Nightly News, O'Donnell, who didn't identify Allred's ideology, did explain to viewers: "Allred made a point to say that Bialek is a Republican and that she has not sold her story. Bialek acknowledges she has had some financial and legal problems in the past."

From Monday evening to Tuesday morning there were 15 new stories. One report each on Monday night's evening newscasts and one on ABC's Nightline. Tuesday's Good Morning America had three. There were four on the Today show and another four on the Early Show.”

Hmmmm....99 - 8.  That’s about par for the course.

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