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Friday, November 11, 2011

God Bless America’s Men And Women In Service To Our Country ….Now And Always

God Bless America’s Men And Women In Service To Our Country

….Now And Always

By Dell Hill

11/11/11 - Veteran’s Day in America

And from the beginning, when it was time to open up a can of this

Americans have never hesitated to answer the call.

From Lexington to Saratoga to Yorktown.  From the Barbary Wars to Lake Erie to New Orleans.  From Monterey to Vera Cruz to Bull Run.  From Bennington to Antietam to Shiloh.  From Chancellorsville to Gettysburg to the Indian Wars.  From Santiago to Manila to Belleau Wood.  From Meuse to the Argonne to Midway.  From Guadalcanal to Anzio.  From the Battle of the Atlantic to Normandy.  From the Ardennes to Alsace to Iwo Jima.  From the Berlin Airlift to Pusan.  From Inchon to Seoul.  From the Gulf of Tonkin to Rolling Thunder.  From Dak To to Khe Sanh.  From the Tet Offensive to the Cold War.  From Bosnia to Somalia.  From Grenada to Panama.  From the Gulf Wars to Kosovo.  From Tora Bora to Kandahar.  From Fallujah to Sadr City to Basra.

It’s a very long line of America’s finest preserving the peace through strength.  And, if necessary, we’ll do it the hard way.

This scene of American troops by the thousands liberating Paris was taken with the enemy just a few blocks away and retreating as fast as their vehicles could take them.

Today we honor all of those who have served.  And we pause at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of this the 11th year to pay special tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

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