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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Media Lynching Of Cain Continues - Holder Totally Ignored

Media Lynching Of Cain Continues - Holder Totally Ignored

“How can the media be so willing to take the side of anonymous accusers of Mr. Cain, who offer no direct evidence to support their accusations, while ignoring facts in the Holder investigation?”

By Dell Hill

What’s going on before our very eyes shouldn’t come as such a shock.  After all, it has been before...and recently.  It’s just impossible to believe that this nation continues to allow it to happen.

We have a candidate for President who has impressed millions of people and found himself leading in almost every political poll in the country, suddenly attacked with incredibly non-specific allegations of deviant sexual behavior and the media is lapping up like a starving shark tearing into a bleeding seal.

I had written several paragraphs on this very topic when I ran into this great synopsis by A. J. Cameron, writing at Canada Free Press.  Yes, it’s long...But not that long and you really need to absorb what the man writes because this public lynching of high profile individuals has gone on long enough.

“The fact that I am writing this reveals just how much is wrong with the leadership in this country.  I’m no Atticus Finch, but even the most naïve individual should be able to realize that the fourth branch of the Federal government has focused its energy in an attempt to kill a modern day mockingbird, while protecting the illegal actions of Attorney General, Eric Holder, who, at best, is incompetent, but most likely, has lied.  Has he no shame?

I heard Herman Cain speak at a Right Online event in Minneapolis, MN, this summer, and he is as engaging as he is energetic.  Other than this, I have not had any contact with Mr. Cain.  I am a registered Independent.  Mr. Cain is not my first choice for President, but I cannot stand by while the fourth branch of the Federal government slices and dices a candidate with innuendo and veiled allegations.  Yes, Ms. Bielak has come forward with more targeted accusations, but the rage that should accompany her accusations is noticeably non-existent, and her relaxed body language belies her story.  She isn’t credible, and her, and the anonymous assaults against Mr. Cain, are an insult and assault towards those who have been sexually assaulted.  Isn’t it just a bit ironic that the Bilderbergers have been able to locate the ‘perfect’ accuser, ‘a white woman who votes Republican and craves the limelight’ to come forward to make accusations that cannot be substantiated or refuted?  Are we witnessing a Senator Pat Geary episode (the dead girl at the motel with no family in Godfather II)?  Oh, by the way, Ms. Bielak, nice hairdo!

One would think that if Mr. Cain were to be guilty of any of the allegations and accusations made against him, with its passes upon so many accused of sexual misconduct by those on the Left, especially hillbilly Willy, the Bilderbergers would be sponsoring a ticker-tape parade in downtown New York and/or Washington, D. C. for Mr. Cain.

The challenge with an unsubstantiated or irrefutable accusation is that the target is totally unprotected.  Our legal system affords the accused an opportunity to face his/her accuser, but, by sidestepping the legal system, an accuser is afforded the opportunity to defame his/her target without facts, and with impunity, in the court of public opinion.

The traditional media never disappoints in living down to its sinister worst.  Is Mr. Cain guilty of any of the allegations and accusations?  I do not know, but I don’t believe this orchestrated assault is designed to find the truth, but to destroy a threat of an independent minded individual.  What saddens me is the lack of response by Mr. Cain’s GOP challengers.  Their individual and collective silence is deafening.  I realize each candidate will offer the obligatory and calculated concern about the allegations and accusations against Mr. Cain, saying that Mr. Cain is innocent until proven guilty, but what has happened to common human decency?  Doesn’t Mr. Cain deserve better than what he has received from his fellow Republicans?  Where is the outrage within the black community?  Don’t his fellow candidates and Americans of African descent realize that their silence denotes consent of this assault upon one of their own?  The only challenger who has shown any decency towards Mr. Cain is Mr. Gingrich.  I don’t know if Mr. Gingrich’s actions were due to the fact that their ‘debate’ was already scheduled, or if it was a display of common decency to meet with Mr. Cain, but the silence of all of the others, except when asked by a member of the media, has disqualified all but Mr. Cain and Mr. Gingrich from consideration for the GOP nomination for the office of the Presidency in 2012.

Haven’t Mr. Cain’s Presidential challengers witnessed enough of this type of personal character skullduggery in politics to realize what is happening?  Are they so frightened about a potential attack upon themselves that they have zipped their lips?  Don’t they realize that if they are on the ‘right’ side of the of the Bilderberger stargate, they are or will be targets of this self-appointed cabal of narcissistic despots?  If they ever become a true threat to the Bilderbergers’ puppet-of-choice, the Bilderberger media will come after them as they have Mr. Cain.  It will be their day in the barrel!  Because they are mute in this instance, shouldn’t they expect those who could and should come to their defense in the future would become mute in their time of need!  If a person shrinks from this ‘opportunity’ during a Primary Election, will he/she have the courage and perseverance to withstand the full-court press waged by a media determined to destroy his/her administration, or a crackpot dictator with a nuclear weapon?

Then-Presidential candidate McCain is a perfect example of how devious the traditional media operates.  Over the years, Senator McCain was the darling of the media for the GOP.  Then he became the handpicked GOP Presidential stooge candidate of the Bilderbergers to oppose their golden boy, Barack Obama, akin to boxer Toro Moreno being set up for the world boxing championship fight in ‘The Harder They Fall,’ circa 1956.  This is Humphrey Bogart’s last movie, and it depicts much of what is wrong within many segments of our current-day society.

While I believe race has been calculated to play a crucial role in the character assassination of Mr. Cain, the underlying issue has to do with personal independence, just as it was in the attacks against Justice Thomas and McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin.  The high-tech lynching of Justice Thomas emboldened the fourth branch of the Federal government to relish the opportunity of attacking anyone who dares to adhere to morals, ethics, principles and honesty.

Sarah Palin terrified the Bilderbergers because she had already proven herself ‘uncontrollable’ in her pursuit of the truth in Alaska.  Just as Longshanks was terrified at the prospect of William Wallace sacking of York in ‘Braveheart,’ the fact that Ms. Palin was successful in turning out the vermin within state government, including those within her Republican Party, made her Principled Enemy #1 of the Bilderbergers.  The grand puppeteers simply cannot tolerate a person of character, especially one with an independent streak.  That is why they paraded one accuser after another against her in Alaska, until it became clear to Ms. Palin that as long as she was the Governor of Alaska, the Bilderbergers would continue their assault upon her and her administration.  She didn’t resign from office because of fear, but out of a need to escape the escalating legal costs for defending herself against the unfounded attacks against her, and out of respect for the citizens of the state of Alaska. The citizens of Alaska needed and deserved to have a full-time governor, not a part-time governor who was being purposely distracted by the daisy chain of accusers designed to crush her credibility.  Sadly, Mr. Cain, this is your future!   

While this frontal assault of Mr. Cain has become the newest P. T. Barnum media circus, the same media has had to have been dragged into covering the whitewashing of Eric Holder in the ‘Fast and Furious’ allegations.  How can the media be so willing to take the side of anonymous accusers of Mr. Cain, who offer no direct evidence to support their accusations, while ignoring facts in the Holder investigation?  I’d say this is a clear case of a double standard, but that would imply the traditional media has standards, of which they clearly do not.”

Mr. Cameron has more and I encourage you to continue reading by clicking right here.  

Why on Earth is it possible to see through this charade from Canada but here in the United States it’s accepted and allowed to continue?

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