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Monday, November 7, 2011

Is Northern Virginia GOP For Sale?

Is Northern Virginia GOP For Sale?

“Surely the governor of Virginia or the GOP Establishment is not cultivating Political Islam as a continuing source of campaign money?”

By Guest Contributor Richard Falknor
                                 @ Blue Ridge Forum

The Buying of the Northern Virginia GOP?

There are noticeable campaign contributions from what many would argue are sources in Political Islam flowing to state and local GOP candidates up for election this Tuesday in Virginia.

Well before candidate David Ramadan filed to run for the Virginia House of Delegates in District 87, we had expressed concern here about his role as a Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV).

Mr. Ramadan was, in that role, also a lead signer of a letter here to the GOP leadership in behalf of the Ground Zero Mosque.

Grover Norquist’s American for Tax Reform also distributed this same letter to state center-right coalitions.

Mr. Norquist, as investigator Kenneth Timmerman points out in his “Grover Norquist’s New Muslim Protégé” here, is a strong backer of Mr. Ramadan.

The magisterial expert on the American Left, David Horowitz, here sees Norquist as an enabler of Political Islam with special reference to the Bush Administration.

Virginia United States Representative Frank Wolf spelled out here his own reservations about Mr.  Norquist’s possibly “unsavory” crowd.
Mr. Ramadan has been less than forthcoming about how he views the conflict between Shariah with its growing influence in America and our traditional laws and liberties.  And as Mid-East expert Timmerman has pointed out here, there are a number of other unanswered questions about Mr. Ramadan’s background.

What Does David Ramadan Believe He Is Buying?

What we do know about candidate Ramadan is that he (and his business affiliate Gary Heavin of Texas-based Curves) have donated substantial sums either to Virginia GOP candidates, or to GOP candidates and the RPV. In particular, the two have contributed a total of $70,000 to governor Bob McDonnell here and here. Subsequently governor McDonnell appointed Mr. Ramadan to the Board of Visitors of George Mason University.

In addition to his campaign support for the governor of Virginia, since 2005 David Ramadan has contributed about $62,600 here and here to other Virginia GOP candidates for state  and local office as well as to the state and local GOP.

The Republican Party has a commanding lead in the House of Delegates of the Virginia General Assembly. The GOP working majority will not depend on one more GOP delegate.

Yet only the blind would not notice the effort here and here that GOP luminaries have put behind Mr. Ramadan’s campaign.

Surely the governor of Virginia or the GOP Establishment is not cultivating Political Islam as a continuing source of campaign money?

What Do Dick Black’s Questionable Contributors Believe They Are Buying?

Little of the material we are presenting in this post tonight is new to our faithful readers.

We have written about sometime delegate Dick Black’s campaign donors from sources arguably connected with Political Islam here and here.

We have noted what we view as his infelicitous talk to the Adams Center here.

How many other such talks has Mr. Black given to the Center?

We have also puzzled over why Mr. Black spends so much money on an out-of-state campaign printer (scroll down) specializing in printing tracts which Virginians might not put at the top of their reading list.

We certainly don’t wish to diminish Dick Black’s long history of pro-life advocacy while  his local adversaries hammer him about social policy.

Mr. Black, however, doesn’t have to worry about the Big Left criticizing his contributors from Political Islam, because the Big Left, as David Horowitz points out, has for some time been in bed with Political Islam.

Has The Virginia GOP Lost Its Voice When Faced With  Expanding Shariah?

We have very recently pointed to two troubling developments – -

Yet we have not heard any of our northern Virginia GOP candidates (nor GOP incumbents nor GOP party officials) weigh in on these perils.

The Virginia GOP Establishment has taken pains not to discuss their growing crush on Political Islam.

Apparently the only way conservatives can even begin preventing this Virginia GOP closet romance with Political Islam from developing into a bad marriage — is at the voting place this Tuesday.”

A Note From Dell:

This is exactly the kind of activity that we’re seeing not only in Virginia, but other areas of the country as well.  The tactic works perfectly.  The movement pumps in major campaign dollars where it sees great benefits as the result.  Once one foot is in the door, it’s easy to keep funneling the money in that same direction and expect equal political support from the beneficiaries.

And it doesn’t appear to matter which party is in control - as opposed to unions political support, which almost always goes to Democrats.  Those involved simply pile financial support on whichever candidate is the strong favorite and ride it home from there.  In this case it’s the powerful Northern district of Virginia.

You can rest assured that Richard Falknor will continue to monitor this situation closely and keep us all up to date on the “goings on”.

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