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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Perry’s Gaffe Is Cain’s Saving Grace

Perry’s Gaffe Is Cain’s Saving Grace

For The First Day In A Week Cain Is Out Of The Headlines

By Dell Hill

Herman Cain should walk right up and plant a big wet kiss on Rick Perry’s face.

The “Hermanator” needed help him get through the most recent debate unscathed and the Texas Governor served it up royally.

This morning’s talk is all about Perry and how he suffered a mental lapse in response to a question during the debate.

Hot Air’s Tina Korbe provides a perfect example.

“This morning’s media offensive against Rick Perry after his flub at last night’s debate was completely predictable. What ratings-conscious morning news show host would forgo a chance to grill the candidate whose 54-second stumble has already been dubbed one of the worst debate moments in modern primary history?

Certainly not Ann Curry, who asked Perry point-blank whether he plans to withdraw from the race. Not Christine Romans, who burdened Perry with the task of convincing viewers his mistake did not mark the end of his candidacy. Not Chris Wragge, who threw out every negative quote to surface about Perry’s “oops” moment. And not even George Stephanopoulos, who reminded Perry — as if he forgot — that the U.S. president has to be able to speak on the world stage.

What was less predictable, perhaps, was Perry’s response. He breezed by his brain freeze as though it were the first awkward pause in a series of brilliant debates. He doubled down on the message of his campaign. He invoked the fighting spirit of the Marine Corps, which was founded 236 years ago today. He spat out every bit of bait cast by those morning news anchors.

His one-word sentence to the Associated Press is representative: “This ain’t a day for quittin’.”

The gaffe by Perry - which was more of an embarrassment than anything else - was the headline grabbing moment that Cain needed so desperately.  For at least a few hours, Cain was out of the kleig lights and not answering insane questions like “would you take a polygraph test” in response to the line of ladies issuing complaints against the Republican candidate.

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