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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Barney Frank Retiring - Great Rejoicing Ensues

Barney Frank Retiring - Great Rejoicing Ensues

The Drinks Are On Fleming & Hayes

By Dell Hill

There is great joy in Massachusetts...and all across the land!

Barney Frank has announced he will not seek re-election next year.

It’s a crying shame, I tell you!

A crying shame he won’t be in prison.

Here’s how Jane’s “blog kids” - Fleming & Hayes celebrated:
                                                        Mission Accomplished: Frank’s Seat Up For Grabs   

Today we’re toasting the news that Congressman Barney Frank has decided to term limit himself to just 16 terms in office.

Removing Frank from office has been a project of ours since the day we first formed our company; it is ironic as this was the same day that Frank called Angel a bigot and ordered capitol police to have her arrested… simply because she respectfully challenged him to explain the constitutionality of Obamacare.

You can find out more about Fleming and Hayes Day 1 HERE.

Sowyrda (Barney Frank’s 2010 Campaign Manager) also said Frank’s “brutal” 2010 battle with Republican Sean Bielat was a factor in his decision. The race marked Frank’s toughest re-election fight in years and was highlighted by scathing criticism of the congressman’s role in the nation’s housing collapse, as well as a Herald video that went viral that showed Frank’s longtime boyfriend, Jim Ready, taunting Bielat on the campaign trail.

Unfortunately, the Herald article doesn’t mention that they completely dropped the ball on that video footage and, after our emails went unanswered, we had no choice but to copy the video off their site and put it on youtube.  The original Herald article dismissed the offender in this video as “Barney Frank’s camera man.”

A few hours after posting this video, we had well over 200k hits on youtube as well as Fox and Friends and Glenn Beck playing the footage.  Instead of the Herald noting they dropped the ball, they simply threatened to sue us.

The hilarious timeline of this story can be found HERE.

Alas, we’ll miss Congressman Frank in a weird sort of way.  It was nice having a nemesis.  Especially one so close to home.  It seems like fate that our feud with Frank started with his attempt to have Angel arrested and her countering with a promise to never stop working until he was out of office, and now the new district map removed Angel from his district.

Today we’ll toast to his departure and regret never again seeing “someone” attend a Barney Frank press conference wearing a giant purple dinosaur suit.

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