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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Cards For Pantie-Waist Liberals

Christmas Cards For Pantie-Waist Liberals

By Dell Hill

Want to really tick off a pantie-waist Liberal?

Send him one of these Christmas cards! (Putting “Christmas” in large, bold text will enhance his experience)

It's definitely one way of making sure Christmas goes off with a bang.
A gun club in Scottsdale, Arizona is inviting children to pose for pictures with Santa Claus – and a high-powered firearm.
Each family member carries their choice of weapon, from pistols to $80,000 machine guns.

Toting the gun, and perhaps belts of ammunition around their necks, they smile alongside a rather bewildered-looking Santa.

Children and babies can also get their hands on a firearm of their choice, including grenade launchers, assault rifles and AK-47s.

The picture, taken against a festive backdrop, will then feature on a holiday card.

Afterwards, the families get a chance to test out the machine guns.

Describing the event, the club says: ‘Families and gun enthusiasts from around the Valley will have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be photographed next to Santa while against a backdrop of a stunning $80,000 Garwood mini-gun and SGC's coolest belt fed machine guns including the M60, M249 and M240.’

‘I think it’s going to be all in fun from those who support the second amendment and those who don’t,’ said gun club member Richard Jones.
‘Whether you’re a gun advocate or not, you should have a lot of fun with it.’

This is the second year in a row the Scottsdale Gun Club has held the startling photo opportunity – although they have now doubled the cost to $10.”

Obviously, the writer at the Daily Mail is NOT an advocate of the Second Amendment!  The entire piece was just dripping in condescension and disdain.

The comments section is even better.  “You gun toting fanatic, lunatic, Bible thumping, killers!”....and other, equally descriptive comments, indicative of what most of us would call “pansies”, back in the day.  If left to them, the Secretary of Defense would be this guy:

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