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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Obama Exhausted From Fund Raising Trips - To Take Well-Earned Vacation

Obama Exhausted From Fund Raising Trips - To Take Well-Earned Vacation

“Seriously, Mr. President, if I had a golf swing that looked like yours I’d take up lawn darts.”

By Dell Hill

Practically exhausted from fund-raising junkets from coast-to-coast, President Barack Obama has announced the First Families vacation plans for “the holidays”.  And, as I had guessed just yesterday, the President will tee it up in Hawaii.

The Obamas will enjoy a 17 day holiday vacation this year.

On Saturday, December 17th, 2011, the President will travel to Honolulu, Hawaii.  He will return to Washington, DC on Monday, January 2nd, 2012… No public events are scheduled during the trip.

Just In Case....

No “public events” are scheduled, but you can bet the rent money that there will be some weapons grade re-election meetings taking place.  Just watch for the photos and pool reporters posts and we’ll see a virtual who’s who of Democrats who “just happened to be in Hawaii at the same time” and dropped in to play a round of golf with the emperor and maybe discuss what roles each will play over the next several months.

Other than an incredibly failed political agenda over three years time, Obama has nothing he can call a “record” to run on.  Therefore, as Vice President Joe Biden would say, gird your loins for the most negative political campaign in the countries history.

We’ve already seen what the Democrats can do.  One very strong candidate’s run for the nomination has been totally destroyed by innuendo and there are several legitimate connections to Democrat operatives, along with circumstantial evidence to suggest that Herman Cain was set up and slaughtered by the “Chicago Connection”.  A campaign that was set to trigger as soon as the man reached the top three in nationwide polls.  Had Herman Cain languished with less than 10% of the vote, we would never have heard any of the sexual misconduct accusations that just suddenly appeared.

Over the next several months, watch for political advertising that takes us back to the Bush administration and let the blame-game begin anew.  That’s all the man has left.

I’m certain that in-house, Democrat sponsored polls are telling the Obama campaign committee that they need to take drastic action, otherwise a tsunami of Republican votes this way comes.  Not only is the White House in serious trouble; the all-important senate races could easily swing the balance of power.  The chances of Democrats re-taking the House are simply non-existent, no matter what Nancy Pelosi says for public consumption.  More Democrats are taking the Barney Frank route and opting out of the 2012 campaign and with each additional retiree comes the added burden of just finding a replacement candidate, rather than an assured “hold” on the House seats.  Not only will the Republicans retain control of the House, they may add seats to their already massive advantage.

Meanwhile, can we expect Mrs. Obama and her daughters to fly in separate jumbo jets again?  Of course we can!  Don’t be surprised at all to this very strange acting First Family split up mid-vacation and Michelle and the daughters winging their way back to Washington on a practically empty Air Force jumbo jet.  

You’re footing the bill for all of it...and the total cost will easily exceed a million dollars.  In fact, every Obama vacation costs a small fortune at a time when the country is staggering dangerously close to default.

Seriously, Mr. President, if I had a golf swing that looked like yours I’d take up lawn darts.  This swing has so many flaws it would be best just to sell your clubs. 

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