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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

‘Write In’ Sarah Palin Campaign Under Way

‘Write In’ Sarah Palin Campaign Under Way

And Why Not?  If That’s Who You Want, Go For It!

By Dell Hill

Ace makes a valid point here....two or three of them, in fact.

From my observations, most conservatives are comparing every Republican candidate to Governor Palin and her dead-serious conservative ideals.  So, if that’s you want to see, why not make your opinion known by writing in Sarah Palin?

Run, Sarah, Run! Please Write-In Palin In All Caucuses and Primaries!

...if that's who you actually want. Don't look for surrogates; vote for the person you actually want.

C4P is running an ad in Iowa urging Palinites to draft Palin via the write-in, and for once -- finally -- I agree.

I have been of this mind for a while. Palin haunts this party. There are some that just cannot get over it.

This results in that part of the party seeking "Palin-esque" candidates and basing their vote, it seems, on who is going to say the nicest things about Palin, or name her as a VP candidate.

This is distortive and really has nothing to do with the legitimate reasons for selecting a candidate.

Well, in some people's minds it does. This election remains chiefly as a vehicle for the validation of Palin, and, indirectly, as a cultural validation of her supporters.

If that is what is truly wanted -- then Go For It!

Write her in. Stop selecting among the lesser of evils, and just go where the heart really wants to go.

Rather than look for a Palin-like candidate, doesn't it just make more sense to write in Palin?”


  1. Right on, brother! I've been saying for months that if Romney the DeceptiCon gets the nomination, I'll write in Sarah. Though I've been subjected to volumes of abuse and invective from Cocktail Party "Republicans" for my stance, I'll still vote my concience over the party line. When it's all said and done, I'll have voted without holding my nose.