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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Herman Cain Is Getting “Palined” By Dems & The Media

Herman Cain Is Getting “Palined” By Dems & The Media

Five Charges; Not One Blue Dress

By Dell Hill

What they did to Sarah Palin is what they’re doing to Herman Cain.  And it’s working.  

With Entertainment now masquerading as News, it didn’t take long for the
Soap Opera to come to stay in the American presidential race.

“Celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, in an appearance on Piers Morgan’s CNN show tonight, said that Herman Cain has claimed five different women are lying about him - including her client Sharon Bialek - and said it goes to issues of “character.” (Politico, Nov. 28, 2011).

You can make that “character assassination,” Gloria.

If anything, the assassination of the character of Herman Cain proves is that you can make a silk purse out of any old sow’s ear, especially if the silk purse is dropped off to the team work of astroturf meister David Axelrod and a still giddy from a killing off-Sarah mainstream media.
Where is the proof in the scene-stealing sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain?  Who needs the proof when innuendo is getting the job done?  Just like its first cousin the truth, the proof was the first casualty in this War of Gossip Mongering Game of Killing Off The Candidate.

This is one emperor who was stripped of his clothes in the public square.

That the fundamental character assassination of a 2012 Republican presidential candidate would go down so deftly in the era of Man from NoWhere Barack Hussein Obama underscores the hypocrisy of contemporary politics.

Herman Cain, who started out as The Man Who Would Be President wasn’t looking for Viagra Man Of All Time status.

Had Cain done all that he is accused of in the past 15 years, there would have been little, if any time for building the success of the National Restaurant Association, Godfather’s Pizza, not to mention fathering and raising two children and on-the-job surviving prostrate cancer.

Cain’s sin is not the ‘inappropriate behaviour’ of which he has been so publicly and thoroughly accused, Cain’s big sin is that he is precisely what Barack Obama so falsely claimed to be in 2008, an articulate, compassionate black man promising Hope and Change for the yearning masses.”

This is an excellent synopsis.  I encourage you to read it all by clicking right here.

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