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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LAPD Annihilates Occupy LA

LAPD Annihilates Occupy LA

“I’m certainly pleased that there were no apparent injuries and that the occupiers elected to either be arrested peaceably or leave, as ordered.”

By Dell Hill

Hat Tip - Jim Hoft

At about 4 PM eastern time yesterday (Tuesday) I got a call from a law enforcement buddy in L.A.  In a very round-about way he was tipping me off to the fact that the L.A.P.D. was “saddled up” and ready to take down the vaunted “OccupyLA” encampment next door to city hall.  My friend was extremely careful not to breach security protocol, but the words he used in describing what was about to take place registered in my mind as clearly as if he was laying it all right on the line in plain English.

What went down as a pretty mundane mission was actually feared to be a lot worse than it turned out to be.  For that we can be thankful.

After finishing up a full days worth of blogging activity around midnight, I jumped over to the L.A. TV station web sites to monitor the activity and my original intent was to live-blog the eviction.  I waited for something of significance to take place before touching off a live-blog post...and nothing happened.

It was 2:30 AM (my time) before the LAPD scorched the occupiers with a surprise move.  They sent about 25 motorcycle cops - with all lights flashing - into an area away from the entrance to the tent city.  A perfect distraction, as it turns out.  Hundreds of occupiers - thinking “it’s on” - moved away from the park, toward the arriving motorcycle cops.  That move allowed a couple of hundred officers staged INSIDE city hall to emerge from their staging area and slide right in behind the occupiers and cut off any possible return to the encampment.  A brilliant distraction tactic that worked like a charm.

Within minutes, as many as a thousand helmeted police officers wielding night-sticks - but, only in the “ready” position - started walking the crowd back and away from the entrance to the park.  Meanwhile, several dozen officers dressed in hazmat suits, moved directly into the park and started removing everything in sight.  The hazmat suits, we were told, were worn because it was feared that urine and feces might be thrown at the officers as they got closer to the camp.

Jim Hoft - the Gateway Pundit - has a summary of the activities, along with a couple of photos.
“They should have just torched it… Start over.

Los Angeles Police officers begin the clean up of the Occupy Los Angeles camp at the Los Angeles City Hall, Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011, in Los Angeles. In a massive show of force, 1,400 police officers, some in riot gear stormed the Occupy Los Angeles camp early Wednesday, driving protesters from the park and arresting more than 200 who defied orders to leave. (AP/Bret Hartman)

Police were forced to wear Hazmat suits to clean up after the filthy leftists.
Weasel Zippers and the AP reported:

Trash, flattened tents and the stench of urine were the legacy of Occupy Los Angeles on Wednesday after hundreds of protesters were arrested or chased out of their City Hall park encampment.

City crews erected chain link fence and concrete barricades around the park at dawn, six hours after 1,400 police officers swarmed the area.

Later in the morning, police officers in white hazardous materials suits prowled the park in search of personal belongings to store for retrieval by protesters.

“A lot of this stuff is contaminated with urine and feces and who knows what,” Cmdr. Andrew Smith said.

Typical leftist pigs.

A Los Angeles police officer walks through debris after the Occupy LA encampment was dismantled outside City Hall in Los Angeles November 30, 2011. (REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson)”

Dell’s Notes:

I’m certainly pleased that there were no apparent injuries and that the occupiers elected to either be arrested peaceably or leave, as ordered.

At the same time, I can’t help but wonder what happened to the malcontents who were literally screaming for violent acts of civil disobedience.  They were certainly on hand, and my PD officer friend suggested strongly that law enforcement infiltrators had identified a number of violence oriented (mostly outsiders) who can only be described as rabble-rousers, bent on creating scenes of “police brutality” for all the world to see.  

So, where did they go?

Some were arrested, but the majority of them slipped away, into the night and will return today to find a chain-link fence erected around the entire area and a significant police presence to prevent any return.

I’m sure there were some black and Hispanic protesters in the crowd, but - to their credit - the vast majority of the L.A. crowd was Caucasian and many of them were NOT from California.  The core element of about 500 occupiers remained peaceful - again, to their credit - but, they had no other real choice.  They were grossly outnumbered and out-maneuvered by the LAPD in somewhat classic fashion.

The whole mission went down so smoothly, I just smiled and shut down the computer at 5 AM my time and retired for the night feeling quite confident that this time the good guys won.

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