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Monday, November 28, 2011

Mystery Construction At White House Goes On

A Tunnel To The Golf Course?

Mystery Construction At White House Goes On

By Dell Hill

Via Hot Air & Business Insider

For a “utility upgrade” this is certainly some big project...and a long one, too.  Some speculators are suggesting it’s some sort of security bunker, but nobody’s saying for sure.  

Zeke Miller at Business Insider opens up that particular can of worms today.

For over two years, crews have torn up the North Lawn of the White House just outside the West Wing for what the General Services Administration calls a “utility upgrade.”

But it seems everyone — including people who work at the White House — think something else is going on.

One West Wing official told The New York Times last month that “It is security-related construction,” adding “Even we don’t know exactly what.”

Well, this certainly looks entertaining if nothing else. Take a glance at the BI picture and judge for yourself.
Photo credit: Charles Dharapak/AP Photo

Whatever it is, it’s big!  Generally, it’s four feet between each one of those wooden posts.

Venture a guess?


  1. A septic tank to handle all the effluva now generated by the bitter half???

  2. it is definitely a big,mystery project..but it is surely security related..and will prove beneficial..