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Monday, November 28, 2011

Poorly Planned ‘Occupy Protest’ Going Up In Flames

Poorly Planned ‘Occupy Protest’ Going Up In Flames

‘Preaching To The Choir’ Simply Doesn’t Work

By Dell Hill

In order for any protest movement to be successful, it has to have a message that resonates with something more than a handful of people, and that’s where the so-called occupy protest movement falls flat on its face.  

Do you have any idea what the occupiers are demanding?  Other than “free everything”, neither do I, and I’ve paid close attention to the entire fiasco from the beginning.  Their only message seems to be a demand that everybody who has more than ten bucks in the back should close their account and give that ten bucks to them, because they are the 99% who are poor, middle-class citizens.  

They call for student loan forgiveness and then mosey on over to the pot dispensary and spend twenty on green leafy material.  They demand that the rich, big businesses in this country be stripped of their profits, all the while spreading their message on electronic devices they acquired from those very same big businesses!

The best I can tell, they just want everything to be free.  Free of cost, free of labor to obtain, and free of taxation.  If they need something, they simply want to walk into a store and take it off the shelf and leave, bypassing the cash register on the way out.

It’s an interesting concept.  One that has failed every time it has been tried in various parts of the world over the past hundred or so years.  The socialists, turned communists who are very obviously involved in ‘occupy’ are taking this opportunity to once again demand a way of life that many millions of Americans have fought and died to reject for over a century.  What really makes this crowd think this time will be any different?

No Phase Two

A protest movement has to be something more than just screaming and yelling catchy slogans.  And that’s about all we’ve heard thus far.  Oh, and the all-night drum beating serenades.

It needs a Phase Two - a spreading of the message to the masses - thereby creating a wave of support.  Occupy enthusiasts spend the majority of their time beating their chests, repeating slogans and preaching to the choir, as it were.  They keep telling one-another “we’re winning”, as they’re carted off to jail for yet another criminal act of defiance.  

The bravado is unreal; and you don’t have to be on the scene to hear it and understand.  Streaming video (which is expensive) has been set up - along with chat rooms - for just about every major occupy location.  Each chat room will have several hundred to several thousand people from around the world watching the live feed and commenting feverishly.  What you read is almost all slogans and “hooray for our side” rhetoric that one would expect to hear at a college football game.

The leadership - and I use that term quite loosely - has no Phase Two in place to spread whatever message it is they wish to convey to the millions who will ultimately decide the fate of their demands.  Occupy needs a “Sham-Wow” guy and advertising campaign to sell their ideas.  Without spreading the message, the entire protest is an exercise in futility - going nowhere.

It all boils down to what the original intent of the protest was - to create a 60s style grassroots movement in protest of those that have by those who aren’t willing to exert themselves to reach that level.  The rich are stealing from the poor and their idea to solve that problem?  Steal from the rich.  In other words, class warfare...and it’s all totally supported at the highest level of the US government.  Spearheaded by the president who said “..I think at some point you’ve made enough (money)”.

With little or nothing beyond a lot of drum beating and bravado, the tents will be coming down and some people will get arrested, but absolutely nothing will change.  At least nothing these anarchists are advocating will change.   

Occupy is now, officially, OccuFail - big time.

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