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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Newt HAS to be good! - the GOP hates him

Newt HAS to be good! - the GOP hates him

By Guest Blogger Abraxas

Jonathan Bernstein of the Washington Post sneers that Newt Gingrich "inspires fear and loathing in top GOP circles".  As Bernstein puts it,  "...the blunt truth about Newt is that the people who know him best and have worked with him in Washington want him nowhere near the White House or the top of the GOP ticket."

And if you think the WaPo is harsh on Newt, get a look at what the National Journal has to say about him.

"Bigfoot dressed as a circus clown would have a better chance of beating President Obama than Newt Gingrich, a similarly farcical character," quipped a Republican.

Well, sorry guys, it's not working.

You Insiders obviously have a very lofty opinion of yourselves but I assure you the rest of the country doesn't share that adoration. To the contrary, we see you as the type of hypocrites who jail Martha Stewart for making a tiny fib about her stock but don't lay a finger on Eric Holder who's got blood on his hands from the murder of that American border guard.  In short, your veracity is shot to H*ll, guys.  I wouldn't believe you if you said water was wet.  

So trash Newt all you want.  The only thing that'll accomplish is to make me like him even more.  Which is ironic seeing as how I really didn't much care for him in the first place.  (Funny how political hypocrisy pans out, isn't it?)” 

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